Private Professional Fiduciary
National Certified Guardian

White Fiduciary Services provides private fiduciary services with an emphasis on being in partnership with clients and their custom needs.

Have you ever thought of who would take over when you are no longer able to manage your affairs? To manage your finances and take care of all your needs? Someone to follow your health care instructions? To be an advocate if you are hospitalized? To finalize your estate the way YOU wish it to be done?

At times, in people's lives, they realize that they cannot manage specific maintenance activities or no longer wish to do so. They want to ensure their wishes are followed when they cannot or do not want to manage the details any longer.

Do you have concerns that your family may not be able to handle the tasks because they are too busy with their lives or live too far away? Will leaving one (or more) of them in charge create disharmony in the family? Do you trust that they can and will follow the instructions you leave? Do you even have family or friends who would "step up" to the task? Have you thought, "I don't want to burden family and friends with the details?"

If I have a Fiduciary...What can I expect?

  • You will be able to relax and know that there is someone looking out for you.
  • You will have peace of mind knowing that you have made a plan... And the plan will be executed.
  • You can release your family from the responsibilities of taking care of you and allow them to connect with you in more positive ways. 
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